Apr 5 2020

Does credit one have an app #Does #credit #one #have #an #app

Does credit one have an app


Credit One Bank Mobile 4+

Credit One Bank, N.A.

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Conveniently manage your credit card account with the Credit One Bank mobile app. View account information, check your balance, make payments, and more.

• Face ID and Touch ID available for fast and secure sign in (on capable devices)
• Use Quick View to see a snapshot of your account without signing in

Check your balance and available credit
• See recent transactions and view statements
View payment due date and make payments
• Track your monthly Experian Credit Score for free and see what factors contribute to your score
• Easily manage your multiple accounts

• Set up and manage account notifications informing you when a payment is due, a payment has posted, and when your credit score changes
Review and accept available offers from Credit One Bank

Credit One Bank releases regular updates to improve performance and enhance your experience. In this release, we’ve added:
* New SSL certificate

Ratings and Reviews

281.6K Ratings

Horrible refund policy

The refund policy is absolutely horrible it is the worst policy I have ever experienced in every single credit card I ever had from American Express Discover any visa or any MasterCard. By far this is the worst policy ever. Whenever you need to dispute a charge they make you physically mail in proof then it takes them up to 90 days which in the last four instances it to Kim 85 to 90 days every single time to figure things out. The entire 90 days the disputed balance is never deducted from your credit card limit. So the entire disputed amount is still in your credit card account and your still paying the interest rate on the disputed amount. If you win the disputed charge they do give you the money back for the Internet rate you have paid during the whole 90 day waiting period. And what’s worse is that amount is unusable since they never give you temporary credit for it. Every single credit card I have ever owned it always gave you that amount as credit in the time your waiting. They also are extremely slow trying to do the investigation so it always always take them almost 90 days for every single investigation no matter how small to wait three months to get your money back is a little ridiculous for that this is absolutely the worst credit card to have if you know that you most likely will return an item do not do not use this card because even on returns it takes them forever to credit back into your account

I love how easy this apps makes it to stay on top of things. I’m rebuilding my credit so I am watching every minute of statements and alerts. I would highly recommend this card/company. The only thing that bothers me slightly is this: I usually pay off my balance before it becomes due. Use the card because I’m trying to establish credit worthiness again. There is still an assessment of finance charges that I don’t account for when I pay a little early. So I end up having to make another payment for less than $5 to cover those fees. I think maybe you can only make one standard payment once a month (or only within so many days apart with out a service charge). I’m not sure, and it’s likely written in the terms of agreement. It would, however, be great if those charges were waived when a balance is paid in full before due, but I do understand this is one of those cards that helps you reestablish your credit so you may pay just a little bit extra to do it. It is so worth it though! Just a few, on time payments, has boosted my credit score over 50 points. There are a couple of other factors that went into that, but this is one of those cards that will let you reestablish your credit with minimal fees.

Robyn Terry PN

Besides the interest rate being too high, and I have never missed a payment on any of my accounts in over two years, this is not my favorite card. Not because the interest rate really, it’s puzzling to me why a standard payment online takes one week to show up on my account. I do not understand why, unless using the express payment makes them some extra money. Which it does because I have used it twice and the charge is over 5$ but less then 10$.
The card was available when I needed it so I give it some credit. And I did get money returned to me immediately when a hotel double billed me. So that’s why I give them 4 stars and not 5. I have been ill for 10 days and I just made my first late payment on any of my credit cards in over two years! I was charged 25$.
I will call and try and see if they will reimburse me the $25 since I was seriously ill and unable to do anything. I am disabled and am alerted on my phone so I won’t be late. When ill, I thought I had made my payment. I was on Med and very confused. So, unfortunately it was partly my fault. If you need a card and your credit rating is not the best but at least over 450, you might get this card. Thanks



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