Jan 15 2020

#Pennsylvania presidential vote totals and #Video

#Pennsylvania #presidential #vote #totals

Pennsylvania presidential vote totals


Analysis: President Trump creates problems and then rushes in to solve them. Special Olympics the latest example

For President Donald Trump, sometimes the easiest problems to solve are the ones created by his own policies, this analysis shows.

Re-election now may be harder for one veteran Allentown school board member
Analysis: The many things Democrats got wrong about the Mueller report
Attorney General William Barr’s summary didn’t answer these 16 questions. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report could
Ashley Daubert to run for 2-year seat on Bethlehem City Council
Democrat challenging Jim Martin in Lehigh County DA race
Republican joins race for Easton Mayor’s seat
It’s back to the future in the Northampton County DAs race
After 28 years, the race is on to be Northampton County’s top cop
Lehigh Valley primary election: Here are your county and city candidates
Veteran Lehigh County court clerk Andrea Naugle seeking another four years
NOT REAL NEWS: A look at what didn’t happen this week
Wondering what’s in Mueller’s report? Federal court records put it in plain view

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Inside the battle to host the 2020 Democratic convention

Officials in Houston, Miami and Milwaukee are in a mad scramble to lure the Democratic presidential nominating convention in 2020, but each city has something left to prove.

Trump the pundit handicaps 2020 Democratic contenders

President Donald Trump positions himself as pundit for 2020 Democratic field, giving high marks to Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar, thumbs down to Elizabeth Warren’s video debut.

‘Guns are no longer the third rail’ for 2020 Democrats

Democrats believe that gun control can be a winning issue in 2020.

Trump’s speech: Less analytical, more confident than predecessors

Leaders are speaking far more simply and with more confidence than they did four score and seven years ago. Donald Trump’s speech has accelerated that trend. A new study says Trump talks less analytically, and more confidently, than all past U.S. presidents.

Among 2020 Democrats, a debate over ‘Medicare-for-all’

“Medicare-for-all” is quickly becoming a rallying cry for many Democratic White House hopefuls, but there are growing questions about how to pull off such a dramatic switch to a government-run health care system.

2020 Democrats weigh how to recapture voters in Midwest

The clearest path for Democrats to reclaim the White House runs through the upper Midwest, and the party could soon have multiple presidential contenders who have deep roots in the region

Beyond liberal base, some 2020 Democrats pitch to party moderates

Some Democrats in presidential race are looking beyond winning over party’s liberal base with an appeal to its moderates

Big donors on the sidelines in early days of 2020 primary

The 2020 presidential primary is jolting to life without a traditional mainstay: Big money donors.

Allentown attorney enters Lehigh County judge race

An Allentown civil attorney who worked on the aftermath of the “Kids for Cash” Scandal in Luzerne County is the latest lawyer to enter the race for Lehigh County Judge.

Where, how and why migrant families cross the Mexican border

Based on where, how and why thousands of migrant families enter the United States along the Mexican border, it seems clear President Donald Trump’s push for a $5.7 billion, 200-mile wall is unlikely on its own to stop them.

Pennsylvania among 3 states where GOP won state House but lost popular vote

Majorities of voters in at least three battleground states chose a Democrat to represent them, but Republicans maintained majority control.

Investigation under way over Lehigh County voting irregularity

A Lehigh County poll worker has notified local, state and federal officials that electronic log books allowed her to sign in to vote twice on Tuesday. Chief Clerk of Elections Tim Benyo believes the problem was limited to one malfunctioning device.

How Republican Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick held his Bucks-based seat

Freshman U.S. Rep. Fitzpatrick defied the Democratic tide that swept through most of the Philadelphia suburbs, defeating Wallace in a Bucks County district Hillary Clinton had carried by two percentage points in 2016. One major reason: Democrats chose a weak nominee.

Five things you probably don’t know about the Lehigh Valley’s first congresswoman

Susan Wild, a political newcomer, will be sworn in as the Lehigh Valley’s first female U.S. Representative Jan. 3. Here are five things you may not know about her.

How Lehigh Valley congressional race went from nail-biter to decisive victory

Here’s the breakdown of what happened during the race to replace retired Congressman Charlie Dent.


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