Jan 15 2020

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Harness the power of blockchain

with your new MessengerBank card.

Midnight Black

Midnight Black

2% Cash back on all purchases (paid in crypto)

All basic features

No monthly or annual fees

$0.75 withdrawal free

$4.95 for loading the card (we will credit you with 1 MBCT to compensate for the expense of loading)

Cobalt Blue

1% Cash back on all purchases (paid in crypto)

All basic features

No monthly or annual fees

Up to $3000 withdrawal per month

$0.75 withdrawal fee

$4.95 for loading the card (we will credit you with 1 MBCT to compensate for the expense of loading)

Buy your card.

Sign up for a MessengerBank account here. Complete and pass KYC. Order the card of your choice. Pay for the card with either ethereum, or at a local loading point with cash.

Load your new MessengerBank card at over 180,000 locations. Our partners include Walmart, 7-Eleven, Walgreen’s and CVS Pharmacies. Load up to 3,000$ cash for only 4.95$ Once your card is loaded, we will credit you with MBCT tokens equal to 4.95$ – You just loaded your card for free. For a complete pricing and fees table press here.

Once your card is loaded, you are free to use it online, at a local brick and mortar location, buy crypto currency, or send money to anyone else around the world for no additional fee. Our card is accepted at 44 million locations worldwide.

Receive cryptocurrency cash back.

When you use your card, we will credit your MessengerBank wallet with MBCT tokens equal to the cash back amount of the card you have.

Make travelling simple with MessengerBank. Spend your money or virtual currencies – Anytime, Anywhere. Withdraw cash, pay with your contactless card, or simply use your mobile phone to pay.

Pay your bills

From utility bills to your Spotify Premium, you will be able to easily set up automatic payments for subscription services that you regularly use.

Shop anywhere

You can use your MessengerBank Card for online shopping and at any brick and mortar retailer that accepts MessengerBank cards.

Real-time notifications

Receive real-time notifications when the card is used. Detailed information for all transaction activity. Lock or unlock your card whenever you wish to.

Lost your card?

Not a problem. You can disable it anytime, anywhere, directly from your phone, or by contacting customer support.

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