Jan 13 2020

Consumer reviews of credit karma @ Video

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Consumer reviews of credit karma


Credit Karma reviews

Ratings Summary

Since signing up for the free site,, I have been deluged with daily offers from companies who know exactly what my loan balances are and offering debt consolidation. I have not requested this service and I did not give creditkarma pemission to to put my personal debt information to the public. I have tried to “unsubscribe” to creditkarma but continue to get daily emails from them. When trying to get “support” I just get a message that the support team is “busy”.

I have used the website and have recently downloaded the app, I have found it to be quite useful. I am able to compare the big 2, TransUnion, and Equifax side By side. I discovered an error on my credit report from both agencies and started to file a dispute with both companies. Credit karma was very helpful with this challenge. TransUnion has resolved my dispute and corrected it, while Equifax did not allow me to go thru Credit karma to file the dispute, making me do it from their website instead. See my previous review of eq. I am STILL waiting for them to correct it. I find that the app is very useful for monitoring my credit score

I signed up for “free” Credit Karma several months ago.
My credit score was ok (over 700), but I had some bills to pay off in order to raise my score to about 800.
Since then, I paid down the balance on those bills, but Credit Karma has no change whatever in my credit score. Their info is nearly months out of date!
Now they try to sell me additional services, but their “free” services are consistently inaccurate, so how can I trust the reliability of their paid services.
Credit Karma? Unreliable, in my experience.

Tip for consumers: Don’t bother with Credit Karma

I log in regularly to follow my scores, stay on top of inquiries and work toward my financial goals. I have never paid them a dime. My free account has given me a sense of security and control over my credit. I am thankful to have access to the information without gimmicks or games. I haven’t had any salescalls, unwanted junk mails or suspicious ads on site.

Using the information provided has helped me successfully make better decisions where credit usage was a factor. Today I got a really neat email from them, and thus, landed here on sitejabber to share my experience with creditkarma

Omg, a nightmare situation.. My tragedy unfolds just like this. I have been working insanely hard to repair my credit..I got an offer from credit Karma on a loan option to pay off debit’s, consolidate, or just general purpose loan.. I logged in to see what my options were, I read carefully , that this would not affect my credit score to get pre approved .. ok, let’s try and see what I can get, answered 3 questions, and there is goes my worst mistake ever.. My score dropped 58 or and I’m sobbing until I literally had to go to the emergency room , from a panic attack..I could not believe that credit karma would do this, this is unrealistic, and I still will never ever take advantage of this offer, with at 27% interest rate.. Beware all, if you think for one second that you are doing a pre- approval, they con you in, it is the application itself. But as they sent me a email earlier, it still states that it was only a pre- app.. God please give me the strength .. I promise I’m writing everyone, if I die drying to get my story out, I’m fighting to the end.

Last week on credit karma I checked my score. My credit score is 748. I have a $6800 car loan with CapOne/ $179 monthly payment 4.37% interest with 36 months or so left on the loan. Credit Karma / AutoPay teaser states 2.49% 60 months new payment of$124 savings $660 a year! Sounds like a great deal, so I apply. Once information given to autopay, rate is switched to 5.99% with a new payment of $194. WOW! Thanks for the $15 dollar increase in monthly payment offer AP. Where do I sign up. NOOOT! When you “customize” these options, to get a $127 monthly payment, interest goes to 6.74%. That’s $2,347 INTEREST ADDDED on top of the $6800 loan! So much for $660 a year savings. and now I’ll have a ping for 2 years for a credit inquiry. Not happy with the bait & switch Credit Karma. 🙁 I posted this exact review on credit karma, not anonymous, and 5 days later. it still hasn’t been posted. Apparently CreditKarma doesn’t want the truth to be told either, that’s why I sought this site out.

I love being able to know my credit in seconds. On top of that, I love the fact that if my credit goes up or down it will tell me right away. I also find it nice that if a new account goes up, they let me know – it helps me keep track of all my credit cards and stuff. I definitely recommend using this site. My fiance even was fascinated by how fast I got my results and all the options the site has, it made him want to sign up and check his!

I have my maiden name and my married name on my credit file only but credit karma’s site shows another last name I do not at all recognize.I asked them to remove it and they said they were”Waiting for the credit bureau to send them changes/updates”and that is a complete lie because I Spoke with the credit bureau in question more then once about this and this strange surname is not on my credit file.When you sign up for credit karma know that they will put false,fake information on your account,lie to you and refuse to remove it.They are only interested in making money and gathering information to give to credit agencies and debt collectors.Do not put your tax info,car information or any other personal information they do not already have.If they are willing to put false information on your credit report and lie about it,they are not in the business for you,they are working for the bottom line of whoever is paying them.People need to stop helping credit karma help debt collectors and credit agencies committing illegal and/or shadey acts with your personal information.

Credit Karma’s business model is made through commissions paid to them by companies for finding new customers for those companies. They use a different credit score method that lenders don’t use so there’s the reason for the wide difference in credit score. For this reason I don’t rely on them solely for credit monitoring. I use LifeLock for that because they are proactive, not reactive. Plus free credit monitoring is worth exactly what you pay for it.

They also falsely advertise that your loan inquiries won’t impact your score. They do in fact result in a hard impact on your credit report because you are actually applying for the loan, not just checking your rate. Credit Karma makes no commission without you actually getting the loan. I applied for and received a loan from Lending Club. I applied directly through the Lending Club website because I’m already a customer. I have a loan from them that has four payments left. My newest loan was approved and funded on the 14th of November. I was poking around the Credit Karma website about 10 days later and for kicks and giggles I was checking my rate on a personal loan. I didn’t have a clue at the time that I was actually applying for the loan, but checking my rate resulted in another application for a loan from Lending Club. LifeLock alerted me about the loan application, I confirmed it was me because I thought it was the previous loan I did get approved for. After logging in to the Lending Club website I noticed the loan number on my account and that I wasn’t approved for the loan. Thanks a pantload Credit Karma. I got a hard inquiry and the denial of a loan on my credit report. Plus whatever ding that caused to my credit score. I hope your commission was worth it.

I won’t get any more rate inquiries from Credit Karma, nor will I apply for credit cards through their site. They earned their last commission from me. Just beware that checking your rate for a loan may mean you’re actually applying for that loan.

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Consumer reviews of credit karma @ Video NEF6.COM

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